Welcoming 2020 with our first post about our personal top street-style taco list for you to try! (The list is in no specific order.)

La Salsa Verde Taqueria

Before we started blogging this spot has been our all-time personal favorite. The main attraction is the "Fajiqueso" tacos. A combination of melted cheese and fajita along with three different types of salsas to choose from. The meat with cheese combination is something special due to the richness of the flavor. A bonus is that every single time we've been here they have never disappointed and their cooking has been on point! Read about our experience here.

(Yelp Rating: 4.5) (Google Reviews 4.4)


Chilangos Tacos

Mexico City street-style tacos is what Chilango's tacos are known for. They have proven to carry that style over to their food and also incorporated it into the theme of the restaurant. The tortilla and the meat flavor is very different compared to other places. Read about our experience here.

(Yelp Rating: 5) (Google Reviews 4.6)

El Atoron

A small hole in the wall place hidden in East Dallas. This place is known for their Mexico City style tacos and tortas. From the first bite, the taco melts in your mouth. The combination of a handmade tortilla, carne asada and salsa is truly amazing! Something that caught our attention was the flavor of the tortilla. Normally people don't focus much on the tortilla but in this case, the tortilla made the taco experience so much better. You can taste the freshness of the taco and it simply leaves you wanting more. Read about our experience here.

(Yelp Rating: 4) (Google Reviews 4.3)

Fuel City

In the heart of Downtown Dallas, you can find one of the most interesting places to eat tacos. Gas station tacos are very popular and even better when you can eat them on the go. The consistency of the tacos here is unbelievable we have been here at any time of the day or night and they have been great every single time. We promise these will not disappoint. Read about our experience here.

(Yelp Rating: 4.5) (Google Reviews 4.0)


Located in the cool area of Bishop Arts its the perfect place to go on a taco date. The vibe is just right and the Trompo tacos they offer are a must have. The tortilla is made just right to be combined with an original Trompo sauce will leave you coming back for more. Read about our experience here.

(Yelp Rating: 4.5) (Google Reviews 4.5)

Taqueria Los Angeles

We had to travel to the city of Plano for these to only find out these were as good as the pictures they post on instagram. The seasoning is amazing especially in the fajitas. The sauce was spicy and good! Oh and hand made tortillas. Read about our experience here.

(Yelp Rating: 3) (Google Reviews 4.2)